Wednesday, 7 March 2007


OK, I am shaking. Something HUGE is happening. I just got a phonecall from a very good friend. I don't know how to say this and I'm just blabbing it all out. Sorry I'm so incoherant. This is what's up.

We might have found a baby to adopt! And it's all very sudden.

It's a little white girl, 2 months old. She is the third child produced by a couple who have already had two of their three children adopted by other people because they are incapable of looking after their children. The parents are druggies. I have no idea if this little baby is a "crack" baby or not. I just know that the granny is being given custody of the little girl today. And the granny is looking for a family to adopt the child, because she cannot care for it. The granny lives in Richards Bay.

My heart is already attached to the child and I haven't even met her yet. HELP US TO PRAY for God's lead in this. I can't afford to step outside of His will again. PLEASE PLEASE pray with and for us.

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Bern said...


My prayers and thoughts are with you. All things happen for a greater cause and I really hope for your sake that this is the one. Be strong my friend.